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The Blue Turd: 1968 Dodge Charger R/T PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lance   
Sunday, 15 May 2011 06:12

The Blue Turd.  Think about it, are you picturing a faded blue on an old Duster that someone dropped a worn 440 into?  Or did you read the title and realize it is in fact a ratty Dodge Charger? 

Well, what a piece of @#&* this is!

Ah, sarcasm.

Names can be misleading, and this "Blue Turd" is a perfect example of that lesson.  I hope you were looking down on this feature; that will increase your level of satisfaction.  This 68 Charger R/T is a bonafide show stopper...and it will still blow the doors off everything in town

Thanks to networking between clubs and a relentless push from Back'N'Black, a few members from Amarillo Area Mopars made the track over to Elgin, Oklahoma for the 8th Annual Crawds'N'Rods show.  This is not only a crawfish boil and car show, it most importantly benefits the Elgin Fire Department.  (Elgin is just north of Lawton, a tad over 4 hours from Amarillo).  Thanks to 1970GTX, 6speedtitaniumr/t, and most importantly blcd74 (who took the HD pictures) we now have a nice, clean wipe of this mighty Mopar.

If I understand right the owner is out of Austin, Texas...which is quite a drive to make, but when you've got a Charger of this caliber, the question becomes why not?  I know I'd be on the road, track, and show scene if I was the pilot.  (And by the way, if you are the drive of the "Blue Turd" let us know...I'd love to have more information on the car's history and how it came to exist in its current state...just sign up on Lone Star Mopars Forum!).

Now, shameless promotion aside, lets get back to the Charger.

1968 Charger: Check.  Blue: Check.   Custom Accents: Check.  Clever Name: Check.  528 HEMI: Oh yeah! 

From the wheel and tire package, to the subtle interior mods, this Charger really stands out.  The white bumblebee stripe pops on this shade of blue and gives subtle warning to the herd of pony's that a formidable foe is in the opposite lane.  Words really can't do this Charger justice, so let's have the pictures do the talking!



Trunk: Check out the custom molding around the filler neck:

Money Shots:


As you can see, the name is very misleading.  If you are ever out on the show circuit, or at the track and someone mentions something about an old blue, turd of a Charger, you might want to take note, and make sure you've got your camera.

In addition to just being a super nice Mopar, this Charger packs a lot of subtle touches that only a trained eye can catch.  I'm sure you've noticed a few things already.  Obviously, I am a fan of the molded filler neck, really cleans things up!  Additionally, did you catch the fuel rails atop what looks like a Torker II?  Yeah, make that INJECTED 528 HEMI.  I don't want to take all the fun out of if for you, scroll back up and enjoy the pics.  There is a lot to enjoy with this "Blue Turd," I guess you could say, "It's the shit!" Wink

Enjoy and stay tuned for more from Lone Star Mopars Online Magazine!  If your car is worth of gracing these same pages we want to know!


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