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Written by Lance   
Monday, 15 July 2013 07:11

Our July 2013 Mopar of the Month honors go to Bill (mrbillohnoo) and his 1984 Dodge Ram.







Bill is a relatively new member of the club, but has a long history with Ol' Blue, his 84 Ram.  He purchased the truck roughly 10 years ago in very rough shape.  It was a patchwork quilt of mismatched body panels and what Bill described as an "anemic" Slant Six with an 833 OD.




He took it in with loving arms and treated the Leaning Tower of Power to a base rebuild and a few goodies.  In addition to your usual rings and bearings, Bill invested in an Erson 270 Camshaft, some headwork that included milling, porting, and installing SS valves, and last but not least, he topped it off wit ha Super Six 2 Barrel.  Exhausting the newly freshened Slant Six was accomplished with a 2 1/4" exhaust.  Shortly after the motorvation was taken care of, Bill took care of the patchwork panels by way of a coat of epoxy primer.


From that point on, up until roughly 2010, the 84 Ram served as his daily driver and a work truck.  In true Slant Six fashion, Bill racked up right about 100,000 on the original rebuild.  He then let the truck rest awhile, seldom driving it while galloping around town in a brand-x ride.


As fate would have it, that brand-x ride suffered an engine fire and Ol' Blue was pressed back into service as a daily driver.  Then Dodge Fever hit...


Bill didn't rebuild the Slant Six, source a 318 or 360, he didn't retrofit a 5.9L Magnum, and there isn't a 5.7L HEMI under the hood...None of that would do.


Bill did what any logical Mopar person would do...shoehorn the largest motor possible between the fenders.  And thus, so enters his 77 440.  The old, reliable RB was treated to new rings, bearings, and of course a few performance upgrades.




Pushing the valves is a Comp 268 Extreme Energy Camshaft that is perfect ticket for a street truck.  The induction was topped off with an Edelbrock RPM Intake and 750 cfm carb.  Firing the combustion, Bill went with an aftermarket HEI distributor.  The potent power is fumed by way of Hedman Headers and a 2 1/2" exhaust system that feeds into a set of Flowmasters and 3" tails.  Bill also fabbed up a custom SS shroud and header panel to work in conjunction with his Speedway Motors Aluminum Radiator.




The Ram was dressed up a bit with tweed covered door panels and a headliner, as well as a custom, stone-look instrument cluster.  As with any performance Mopar, a Tach and Oil Pressure gauge were retrofitted to monitor the vitals.




The 84 is now sporting a birdbath hood sourced from 76 Ramcharger in Missouri.  Carryl, Bill's Wife, somehow hauled it back home in the back of her Subaru Outback.  While it is amazing the hood actually fit, what is more impressive is that Carryl allowed it to fit.  However, she has good reason.  Bill and Carryl's first date was in this 84 Ram about 6 1/2 years ago today.  Needless to say, Ol' Blue has sentimental value to both of them.


After getting the new hood home, Bill sprayed it satin black, which he intends to do with the entire truck once some minor rust issues are taken care of...



As with any great story and labor of love, our tale is not finished.  Bill is actively working on an 8 3/4" rear end, complete with disc brakes to fit under the Ram.  When installed it will be flipped and the truck will receive new springs and performance front and rear sway bars.  He also intends to replace the Centerline and Eagle Alloy 15s wrapped in 275/60 rubber with a bit more modern of a wheel and tire.  One of his latest little tricks was fitting the "Mopar" Badges off of the Mopar 13 Dart on lip of the birdbath hood...It is kind of like a callout of old, with a modern twist:




The emblem also worked well for a custom fabbed air cleaner nut:




And, just as of this past cruise night, Bill spoke with Custom Threads by Troy and has a plan laid out for his interior.  He also has a custom, one-off SS Roll Pan he has been fabbing up for the Dodge.



Oh, and lastly...there is another 440 that is currently being checked out by a machine shop...Bill said it is a possible stroker candidate!


Despite being on call the day of our Boys Ranch Ride of a Lifetime event, Bill and Carryl both came out to the UA to check out the rides and meet a few folks.  They've since made a few other events and hope to continue hitting cruises, shows, and GTGs, as often as time will allow.  They are great people, have a big attachment to their 84 Ram, and there are some big plans for the Ol' Blue's future.  While waiting on parts and free time to install them Bill plans to just enjoy driving his 440 powered 84 Ram, which is just what he was doing in these shots:





Congratulations to Bill, Carryl, and Ol'Blue, their 1984 Dodge Ram as our July 2013 Mopar of the Month!



Article by Lance

Photo Credits: mrbillohnoo, blcd74, TexasStroker

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