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AAM June 2012 Mopar of the Month: Travis and Michelle's Gnarley 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lance   
Saturday, 09 June 2012 09:12

Our June 2012 Amarillo Area Mopars Mopar of the Month honors go to Travis & Michelle, Back N Black/6 Speed, and Gnarley their 2009 Six Speed Brilliant Black Pearl Dodge Challenger R/T.


Travis picked the car up in Lawton, Oklahoma (there is a reason we are called Amarillo “Area” Mopars) back in November 2008. He and his wife were originally shopping for an SRT, but just like so many enthusiasts the $10k price difference seems to go a long way in making the car yours. However, unlike many who make that assessment and drive off the lot with a Challenger R/T, Travis has stuck to his guns and the mod train has been picking up steam since that fateful November day.

At first it was the subtle cosmetics for a black Challenger…more black. Travis made an appointment for the windows to be tinted, left the shop, entered his first car show, and came home with a 1st Place Trophy…needless to say he was hooked.

After the 7% Tint (which looks wicked…most states have limits, Oklahoma does not…score one for the Okies), Travis popped for a few basics: Mopar Hood Struts, Challenger Script Emblems, Challenger Door Sill Covers, and the gasket saving Moroso Catch Can complete with SpeedLogix braided line kit.

With the sinister look and quick dress up, Gnarley beckoned for something more…something that would help announce the presence of a custom Challenger…enter the rumbly Zoomer’s Exhaust. Look and attitude lead to more driving, and more driving channels further creative thinking.

Being a true slick-shifter, Travis continued on with the very purchase worthy Skip-Shift Eliminator. However, unlike most, he was not done there. He opted for the Hurst Pro Comp Short Throw Shifter and in true Mopar fashion, topped it with the Mopar Knob. The “Eject” button (cigarette lighter delete) is a nice focal point for passengers too afraid to watch life pass by in the Gnarley’s windshield.

With the gear changes smoothed out, he moved on to more performance to further enjoy the improved shifting. The Zoomer’s cat back was getting company! A Mopar Cold Air Intake was up first and it led to the holy union of the DiabloSport Predator’s 91 Octane Cold Air Intake Tune to make the most of the mods. With the new tune, a Jet 180 Degree Thermostat joined the mix to keep things as cool as they looked.

With the basic under hood bolt-ons in place, Travis had to take car of that gap between the rubber and the fender. His weapon of choice was the tried-and-true Eibach Pro System. With the new stance and improved handling things stiffened up a bit with the Mopar Strut Tower Brace dressed up with Billet Tech Devo Strut Covers.

The 2011 392 Chin Spoiler and belly pan help direct air to the Red G2 Painted Calipers that shine through the 5-spokes held tight with Gorilla Black Lug Nuts. Up top the Black Anodized Mopar “M” Nose Badge is just a pre-cursor to what lies under the custom striped Cervini’s 2.5” Cowl Hood…and I’m not talking about the Halo’s…

This is where things get interesting. Travis moved on further aesthetics you often find: Economy Fuse Box Cover, Dip Stick, Radiator Cap, Oil Cap, Washer Fluid Cap, and Beverage Deletes for the radiator cover, but he did not stop there. Rounding out one of the cleanest under hoods I’ve ever seen you will find: Moroso Valve Covers, Blue Anodized Coil Pack Covers, and a 3G Customz Polished Firewall Cover that really help highlight the Blue Anodized Throttle Body Cover, Water Neck, and Killer Glass Radiator Hoses.

Next up on the agenda is a set of drilled and slotted rotors. Overkill? I think not…

With just about every cosmetic/aesthetic covered, Travis is taking the next step… a step no many are willing to take with their “new” car…internals. Travis is hoping to add 100 HP to Gnarley via a 6.4L Cam and Eagle Meanstreet Ported and Polished Heads.

This should help Gnarley at the track…to date, with just limited runs a best of 14.69 in the quarter is where things stand. With the pending upgrades and more seat time to learn to harness the power, Travis is hoping for high 12s or low 13s down the 1320.

If that wasn’t inspiring enough, Gnarley shows very well. Just this season alone, Travis and his wife have hit 9 shows…The end result being 6 1st Place Awards and 2 2nd Place Awards. Among his favorites are a cool Route 66 in Sapulpa that his wife garnered just 2-3 weeks ago, a recent win at the Woodward, OK show, and the AAM Pick for Best Modern Mopar at the 2011 Chryslers in the Canyon event.

Travis, Back N Black, and his wife,Michelle aka 6 Speed, have turned Gnarley into an SRT stomping machine. With the upcoming internals to further enhance the force fed cold air intake and tuner, Gnarley will be one fast, smooth riding R/T, capable of taking it to you at the track or the show circuit.

Travis has been a member since October 2010 when he attend Chryslers in the Canyon II. In addition to taking some great pics, he has kept all of us in Amarillo in the loop on southwest Oklahoma car shows, cruises, and other events. His modifications have often been detailed and have helped others in the club and who casually browse have a nice foundation to springboard from…

It is a pleasure having members this far out who contribute so much to the club and the forum….Having a heavily modified Challenger R/T doesn’t hurt either!

Congrats to Travis, Michelle, and Gnarley…our June 2012 Mopar of the Month.



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