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Dodge Challenger Radio Removal PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lance   
Thursday, 22 March 2012 01:00

When it comes to your sound system, the biggest bang for the buck in terms of sound and aesthetics is the head unit.  Often times just replacing the lackluster factory head unit with an aftermarket deck can make a huge impact, even with the less than ideal speakers.

Before you can enjoy that new, aftermarket deck, you've got to get the old one out of your dash.





-Trim/Panel Tool, preferably nylon coated

-#2 Phillips Screw Driver

Objective: Remove the lackluster factory head unit in preparation for an aftermarket upgrade.



Step 1: Eject!

This seems simple enough, but trust me, a lot of people forget it.  Before you do anything, including pulling the negative battery cable, hit eject and make sure you don't leave one of your favorite CDs in the deck!  It is much easier to get it out now, than power it up later.

I also recommend you unlock the doors, crack or lower the windows, and pop the trunk.  Since the Challenger's battery is in the trunk, you are best advised to play it safe and keep everything open.

Step 2: Disconnect the Negative Battery Cable

Again, please make sure you have no CDs in your stereo!  You definitely want the negative battery cable disconnected for this procedure, so pop the trunk, lift up the panel, and take it off.  If I remember right it was a 10mm Socket, but don't hold me to that.

The factory tightened the living daylights out of mine etching into the battery post.  I had to use a pry bar to lift it up in all honesty.  I imagine that or a long flat blade will be required for most of you as well.

Step 3: Remove the Trim Panel

This is intimidating...mainly because the carbon fiber trim looks great and you don't want to break it.  This stuff is a lot more durable than you'd think so you would really have to put some effort into breaking it.

I know a lot of people start in the lower, LH corner...I found it easier to start in the top RH corner.  Using some combination of your hands and trim tool, pry up on a loose corner until your release a clip.  There will be a total of (8) that we need to release.

The clips are located as follows:

-Three on the top: Left Corner, Center, Right Corner

-Two on the sides: Either side of the large knobs

-Three on the bottom: Left Corner, Center, Right Corner

Once you have one of the clips started, just trace around with your hand and the trim tool (if needed) and break the others loose in order.

When they are all loose, toss a rag down over your shifter handle etc to keep from damaging the finish to your bezel.

Step 4: Disconnect the Wiring Harnesses

Before we can set the trim panel aside we have to disconnect some harnesses.  These are all large plugs and easy to work with.

Starting Left and going Right disconnect the:

-Fan Control

-Temperature Control

-Vent/Defroster Control

If your car is equipped with heated seats, that should be straight forward as well.

Now set the trim bezel aside.

Step 5: Remove the Radio

The only thing holding the radio in at this point is the (4) #2 Phillips Screws and the factory cubby hole.

Remove the (4) #2 Screws and slide the radio forward.

Once it is out, disconnect the factory wiring harness and antenna adpater from the rear of the unit.

Box it up and prepare for your new head unit!


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