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Written by Lance   
Friday, 09 March 2012 03:57

One of the best blends of interior functionality and "wow factor" for your late model Mopar comes in the form of aftermarket gauges.  BrianM10, a member of the Mopar 10 Registry, recently performed this upgrade, modifying an overhead console to house 2 Aeroforce Scan Gauges.  Check out the install videos and read up to get a little background on the modification.

As a fellow Mopar 10 Owner, it is amazing these cars didn't leave the factory with EVIC.  I know we all would have enjoyed the performance functions as well as simply monitoring critical parameters.

Something you might not have known is that we didn't get Homelink either.  No EVIC and no Homelink.

So, what is an M10 Owner to do?  Well, if you are like Brian you tackle the issue and make it better than stock.

When looking into scan gauges for your Challenger, one of the hottest items on the market is the Aeroforce Scan Gauge.  With everything the gauge monitors, it makes up for EVIC, and adds that aesthetic appeal that the digital readouts in the dash just can't compete against.  The Aeroforce will display two parameters at once (calculated HP and MPG for example), or cycle thru eight parameters (RPM, AVG MPG, Instantaneous MPG, Intake Air Temp, MPH, Voltage, Barometric Pressure, Ignition Advance), and on top of that you can read and clear diagnostic codes as well.  There is much more that this gauge can handle, just check out their website linked above.

One thing anyone performing this modification is faced with is where to place the gauges.  The dash pod, installing just above the center air vents, just doesn't look good.  It is far from seamless and fails to integrate...some may like it, but it is by far the least appealing of the options.  What most of us will chose from is offered by Razor's Edge.  You simply decide whether you favor the A-Pillar mounts (1, 2, and 3 gauge configurations are available), or the overhead console.

Brian went with the overhead gauge pod, and kicked it up a notch.  As you recall, M10s didn't come with Homelink.  So Brian put in a few calls and finally managed to source a Homelink overhead console from a salvage yard.  This accomplished three things.  First, Brian is able to keep his factory, non-Homelink console boxed and in mint condition.  Second, he now has Homelink.  Third, the Homelink console can get modified to accept the Razor's Edge Gauge Pod.


So let's take a look at what Brian did to upgrade his Mopar 10...

Factory Overhead Console with Homelink:



Overhead Console Gauge Pod from Razor's Edge:


Brian's Mopar 10 is a blue-striped car, so he made the great call in selecting a black bezel, black face, and blue backlight from Aeroforce.

Here you can see his twin Aeroforce Interceptors installed:



Pretty slick install is it not?  As you can see Brian elected to display Calculated Horsepower and Coolant Temp on one gauge and Voltage and Instantaneous MPG on the other.

This is a set-up that looks like it could have been a factory option, but looks so good you know it had to be custom, which is exactly what we want when we modify our Mopars.

If you are seriously considering this upgrade for your ride, check the links in this article and the following posts:

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Thanks to Brian's generosity he has given the green-light not only to sharing the pictures, but also his install videos which you can find in the threads, or for your convenience right here:

Part 1:

Part 2:


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