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Written by Lance   
Monday, 06 June 2011 17:23

Even amongs the most devout purist sects of the new Challenger camp, enthusiasts recognize the importance of a "catch can."

Please note that we say "catch can" for the simple fact that is what virtually everyone knows these products as.  In reality they are "Air-Oil Separators."  The difference is that a catch can simply collects a substance (think of your radiator overflow bottle) while these "catch cans" have a filter medium that separates the air from the oil, and then collects that residual oil.

There has been lots of debate about the merits of a catch can, even if you still contest they are not necessary, you can still err on the side of caution and have a great looking, yet simple modification under the hood of your late model Mopar.

The fact of the matter is that the new age HEMI engines, (5.7 and 6.1L) produce a lot of blow-by.  This is essentially oil that would traverse through your factory PCV valve and head back into the maninfold.  So what is the problem with that?  Simple, the oil will accumulate.  That will in turn lead to carbon build-up, which will spark detonation and ultimately cause your vehicle's computer to back off timing to compensate...what does that mean in layman's terms?  You will build up sludge and loose power.

Here is where the debate kicks in...The purist will say, "Well the factory did not put the catch can on, if it saves the engine by making it perform better and prevents head gaskets from blowing yada-yada it would have been factory installed."  Those in the know will aruge, "The factory thermostat will burn it off as it is set at 210".  Both are good arguments, but lead open ends.

The counter attack is simply that the factory did not want to spend money and more logically, the factory knows that if a can was factory installed and was not drained (yes, you must drain your catch can) it would lead to big problems.  Factor in the logic that the factory thermostate will take care of most of the residual and you have made your case.

That is until someone runs a catch can with the factory thermostat!  That is exactly what countless folks have done, whether they are enthusiasts or simply trying to do what they can to keep their Challenger rolling with factory gear for as long as possible.  You can skim the net and find hundreds of posts of half-full bottom-ends, or table spoons drained into a jug (and usually the folks are checking at 1,000 miles to their next oil change interval!).

That to me closes the case.  Yes, there is a chance that the factory set-up will "burn off" most of the deposits before they do any harm, and if not the time frame to seeing any real power loss would be years of normal driving, unless your late model Mopar is a high-mileage vehicle.  However, seeing what the catch cans have trapped, their reasonable price, dress-up factor, and ease of install why not just take the safe route and install one?  I view a catch can just like splash guards.  Tons of guys and gals are running them, and they were not from the factory (gasp!).  Why do they do this?  Simple, to protect their paint and keep gunk off the lower front fender, rocker, a rear quarter.  It is just a simple add-on that will help maintain your late model Mopar. 

Once this was widely realized, folks began to follow suit and pick up catch cans.  The sad reality with most forums is that they encourage group think.  One member makes a mod, and everyone tends to follow suit.  There is little done research wise, and it is rare that folks consider their alternatives.  I don't run with that mindset and try to pave my own path, which granted is a little late on this one, lol.

You have several options for your 5.7 or 6.1 HEMI Mopar.  The most common is the Billet Tech can.  These guys had them on the market since day 1.  The quality is great, installation is easy, and you can pick a bevy of custom options like your anodized finish color, or custom engraving.  The only real draw back is emptying the can (testament to the fact they work!).  The Billet Tech can requires you to carefully loosen the bottom end, and simply dump it.  This is easy, especially thanks to engineering incorporating a knurled grip at the bottom.  However, how often do you move a filter upright, or bottle, etc without spilling something?  If you are like me, it is a rare occurence. 

When the Moroso catch can entered the marketplace, most folks had Billet Tech or were content with following suit and doing what they were familiar with.  No fault there, especially if a buddy can install it for your blind-folded.

However, the main difference between the two is that the Moroso Catch Can features a drain valve!  Why is that something to be excited about?  It eliminates taking the can apart and spilling oil.  You can also run hose off the barbed end and drain it from below the car.  It is really a nice set-up in my opinion.

That said, Moroso does not offer the custom colors and engraving that you can get from Billet Tech so it will be a tough call for each driver.  I am a custom kind of guy.  I will be honest and tell you that I wanted an anodized blue catch can with the logo of our car club etched on top.  I know it all comes at an additional price, but it would be well worth it in my opinion.

However, just like you will be faced with doing, I had to make a decision.  I ultimately went with the Moroso can for the simple fact that it has a drain.  Function over form if you will.  I wasn't too keen on a polished piece, I tend to like things flat black, or full tilt custom.  Man, that changed.  I don't plan to deck the engine bay in polished billet, but this thing looks great.  The more I twirled it around in the unboxing video, and spent time assembling everything it really grew on me.

Some vendors do have the Moroso can private labeled, like Speedlogix and they do offer it in an anodized black (debated that one, haha).  It all utlimately comes down to preference.  If I had a Plum Crazy Challenger SRT8 and knew that I wanted a PCP can, it would have been Billet Tech.  If I'm a guy simply wanting to keep the motor clean and have something easy to drain, I would go Moroso.

Whichever can you go with you truly can't go wrong.  These are both reasonably priced, and effective.  Again, if you want to argue that the factory thermostat will bake it off I will let you.  Go ahead and pull your heads at 100k miles and show us all what the valves look like.  Then I  will do the same and we will take note.  My logic is that regardless of the debate, if I run the air-oil separator I don't even have to worry if it is baking off, or just a small bit is accumulating...it is all extracted in-line BEFORE that ever becomes an issue.

So, with all that in mind we placed our order for Moroso Part Number 85472, their Billet Air-Oil Separator complete with drain, hose, and mounting brackets.  I sourced mine from Summit Racing for around $149.  I have never had issues with Summit and they almost always have the best price.  Mancini Racing is another place to check.  I buy from them when I can, but I had a few other parts to order they don't carry so I made it simple and went with a one-stop-shop.  Other vendors like Speedlogix have the cans on sale and aren't much higher for their engraved logo.  Plus, when you use Speedlogix you can get a bevy of upgraded hoses (stainless steel braid etc) and fittings (select your color).  Heck, they will even pre-assemble the can for you.

The good news is, whichever route you go you can easily install this yourself.

Lone Star Mopars Online Magazine is always looking out for you and we have compiled this process in our "Modern Mopar Tech" section.  We have compiled not only the install, but also an unboxing video which will show you exactly what is in the box, a very nice item to review before spending your hard earned cash!  We try to be as thorough as possible without being excessively tedious.  We hope that this will help you make the decision if a catch can is right for you, and if so which one to pursue.

Feel free to follow along as this mod takes place on our Mopar 10 at Lance's Performance Shop.

Moroso Catch Can Unboxing Part 1

Moroso Catch Can Unboxing Part 2:


Moroso Catch Can Installation (Bracket, Clamp, and Can):

Moroso Catch Can Plumbing (Coming Soon, Fittings on the way 6/6/11):


So, there you have it.  You've got the background, the unboxing, and the installation process.  This is an easy mod to make to your late model Mopar that will not only look great, but help prolong the life of your HEMI.  Lone Star Mopars Online Magazine highly recommends this upgrade.  If you have any questions, feelf free to ask on the best Mopar forum around, Lone Star Mopars:

Lone Star Mopars Forum: http://www.lonestarmopars.com/forum


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