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PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2018 12:16 pm 
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Hey Everyone,

This has been a long time coming...

When I started Lone Star Mopars, I had a vision of it being an online hub for like minded Mopar people. One of the biggest ways to pull people in to the mix was to upload videos to YouTube so everyone could see what I saw and hopefully be inspired to record and upload their own videos (car show walk arounds, GoPro cruising, action from the track, unboxing parts, and installation/tech type of stuff).

A very key factor in this process is the third party site YouTube. For those out of the loop the site has gone down hill a bit since 2014, but remains by and large the only legitimate option for posting, sharing, and having videos viewed...which is kind of what we are after.

LSM's Video Archive Pirated by 2 Channels

It was New Year's Day 2018 when I discovered we had a big problem. I went to share the "Mopar 10 Uncorked" video (a New Year Classic btw!) and was shocked to see when I searched for it that 3 videos came up. The first was mine and uploaded to LSM. The second and third were also mine, but they were looped different lengths and uploaded to 2 different pirate channels. Both of these channels pirated what is virtually the entire LSM video library and uploaded them to their own channel in an effort to get views, subscribers, and the subsequent ad revenue.

As you might expect, I immediately turned this in to YouTube. As you might not expect, they took no action. In the past when someone blatantly stole and re-uploaded ONE video, let alone an entire channel, they had a swift response and terminated the offending channel. I elevated the claim and they proceeded to blow me off multiple times at multiple levels, which often required our case getting passed from one department to the other and routinely took multiple weeks to get an answer.

The irony here is that Susan, the CEO of YouTube, had just spent a lot of time pushing an agenda to protect "Creators" (see also LSM) from piracy of "bad actors" see also the 2 channels stealing our videos. I emphatically mentioned this to no avail. It seems YouTube is more interested in preaching a positive message to receive praise, but when it comes time to actually put forth real effort and enforce said policy they disappear.


To add insult to injury, LSM was demonetized as we didn't meet the new thresholds that go along with Susan's agenda. We had been uploading quality videos at regular intervals since 2011 with ZERO issues, flags, or complaints and instead of wisely being grandfathered in, we were kicked to the curb. This may seem insignificant, but just like hosting and running a website, a lot of time and effort goes into making these videos. While we never broke the bank, it was nice to know a little return on our investment would show up every once in awhile and rest assured, we reinvested that into the cars, parts, tools, and filming equipment.

Most people would cite the demonetization as their most troubling issue...for me, it is not the fact we no longer earn ad revenue, but rather that 2 channels have pirated our videos and NOTHING has been done by YouTube to counteract the text book "bad actors" their new agenda claims to protect creators against. It is the classic example of a company being run by an individual who is out of touch and lacks the insight to put together a plan and actually enact it fully. She has demonetized thousands of non-offending channels and at the same time also allows piracy to continue. 50% isn't good enough.

We are still attempting to find one decent soul at YouTube who takes copyright seriously and will simply terminate the 2 offending channels. We have other means in place should they piss us off past the point of no return, but as mentioned, no other video site (at this time) comes close to the amount of consumption YT offers. However, should they continue to enact one-sided agendas to their own benefit and detriment of the user base I have no doubt that someone will eventually strike a chord with the disgruntled uploaders, hit a marketing sweet spot, and produce a savvy competitor to the entrenched juggernaut.

Copyright & Watermarks

However, until that happens we we will continue to fight the good fight. Despite how textbook our case is, we will now be forced to add yet another watermark to deter piracy (seriously, who would steal our car show walkarounds and tech videos? While we do our best, you could do much better in terms of stealing views).

We don't like having to add this watermark, but due to YouTube's ineptitude it is something we are forced to do. Similarly, after about a 6 month break (see also waiting for YT to do the right thing and enforce their policy), we will be uploading videos again...I should mention we have a TON of them. I plan to see how things go and make a judgment call after a few videos.

How YOU Can Help LSM

In the meantime, if you would like to help support LoneStarMopars you can watch the videos, like the videos, share the videos, and tell friends about the channel. If you prefer a more direct route, feel free to report these two channels by going to their "About" page (linked below) and clicking the flag icon:

You can also tweet to the following accounts and let them know they need to enforce their anit-piracy policy and protect channels like LSM:



This is something that should never happen. People can re-upload videos, but upon them being reported they should be terminated. It is so basic it is part of YouTube's policy. Why YT will not enforce that after having their CEO make a very public pitch claiming to do just that is beyond me. Help us help YouTube enforce their own policy. While we are now unable earn a little ad revenue from our videos we still enjoy making and sharing them and would like to continue to do so...We are not, however, fans of having our videos stolen and re-uploaded. We apologize for the delay in uploads, but hope you now understand why we held off uploading them. We will ease back into it with some car show walk arounds and a few unboxings and see if they get re-uploaded or are simply left to be enjoyed on our channel.

Founder, Amarillo Area Mopars
Founder, Lone Star Mopars

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