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PostPosted: Sat Apr 18, 2020 4:07 am 
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Well, here it is. Going on an ordinary schedule, this video wouldn't see the light of day for another 2-3 months. I asked and the response was overwhelming that people wanted to see Wera's new Turbo ASAP.
So...here it is! That said, it wouldn't be a good video without a little bit of an unexpected surprise. While most everyone knows about the Turbo and new Jokers, the new and expansive T-Handle line has kind of gone under the radar. Not wanting to commmitt to a full set, I brought in the most versatile option and one that pairs perfectly with the Turbo, the 416 Rapidaptor T-Handle!
Naturally, we needed some blades/bits to keep these two new handles in action, so I picked up some of my most frequently used to build my own "kit" if you will.
Rather than buy a full set, I opted to get each tool as a standalone and utilize a combo of new to me 89mm Wera Bits and my existing stock. I think this is a good option for anyone A-on the fence, or B-with a good selection of bits already on hand.
The T-Handle seems solid and should deliver good performance in a multitude of scenarios.
The Turbo is great...but only if you use it correctly. Allow me to explain...
If you have the Turbo hyped up to the point of superstardom you will likely be sorely disappointed. The Turbo does what it was designed to do extremely well. It does not do what it was not designed to do. It is that cut and dry.
Before you panic, just understand this...if you are dealing with machine screws, or machined connections the Turbo's 4:1 ratio is absurd, entertaining, enjoyable, and incredibly efficient. For someone who is tasked with driving lots of machine screws it is a great pickup. If you are not dealing with machined screws, you will likely have a hard time getting to enjoy the "Turbo" function and subsequently need to think hard before shelling out for the tool. The saving grace is the driver can disengage and function normally, but what fun is that?
Ultimately avoid torque situations in turbo mode. Even what seems like very light loads is too much for the Turbo to overcome. I know this sounds negative, but it really is just the tool doing what it was intended to do...turn screws absurdly fast, almost comically in fact. Once you accept the limitations you can gauge whether the Turbo is right for you. I think a lot of people will pass, but for those of you who have a need for it...you will definitely enjoy it!
Sadly, I was time strapped and faced everything from technical difficulties to testing fails in this. I am typing this at 3 AM and the video is to be up at 9 AM if that gives you any idea of how thigns have gone. I also hate the video length, but was already too committed to including the T-Handle AND Turbo. I also felt obligated to showcase a functional test for such a cool, new tool. I also had another 10-15 minute segment of bonus features that I cut out. Really when you look at it the video has 3 parts:
A-Introducing the T-Handle and Bits (Roughly 15 mins)
B-Introducing the Turbo (Roughly 15 mins)
C-Testing the Turbo (Roughly 30 mins)
This isn't too bad when you look at in that light and I always provide time stamps for folks that want to skip around. I also felt it was important to include the struggle to find a good example...That is real limitation to the Turbo, but again...seeing it function as intended is a beautiful sight!
If time wasn't an issue I'd have broken this into a standalone for each tool But hey, it is what it is and if you are stuck inside, I guess you can pace the watch time.
Anyway, I will try to get the "bonus" feature up soon...nothing major, just a nice throw in for this "set" we put together.

Alpha Gloves: Always on my Hands - Use Discount Code "LONESTAR" at Checkout
*Wera Kraftform Turbo, PN 057480 Standalone $82.50
Wera Kraftform Turbo SAE Set, PN 057483 $165.00
https://www.kctoolco.com/wera-057483-kr ... 15-pieces/
Wera Kraftform Metric Set, PN 057482 $165.00
https://www.kctoolco.com/wera-057482-kr ... 18-pieces/
*Wera 416 R T-Handle, PN 023404 Standalone $28.25
Wera T-Handle Rapidaptor Blade Set, 15 Pieces PN 057470 $69.99
https://www.kctoolco.com/wera-057470-t- ... 15-pieces/
Wera #1 Phillips x 89mm Power Bit, PN 059760
https://www.kctoolco.com/wera-059760-1- ... power-bit/
Wera #2 Phillips x 89mm Power Bit, PN 059775
https://www.kctoolco.com/wera-059775-2- ... power-bit/
Wera #2 Phillips x 89mm Stainless Steel Power Bit, PN 071082
https://www.kctoolco.com/wera-071082-2- ... power-bit/
Wera #2 Phillips x 89mm Power Bit, PN 134373 "Extra Hard"
https://www.kctoolco.com/wera-134373-2- ... power-bit/
Wera #3 Phillips x 89mm Power Bit, PN 059795
https://www.kctoolco.com/wera-059795-3- ... power-bit/
Wera T25 x 89mm Power Bit, PN 060189
https://www.kctoolco.com/wera-060189-t2 ... power-bit/
Wera 1 x 5.5 Slotted x 89mm Power Bit, PN 059488
https://www.kctoolco.com/wera-059488-1- ... power-bit/
Wera 1.2 x 6.5 Slotted x 89mm Power Bit, PN 059490
https://www.kctoolco.com/wera-059490-1- ... power-bit/

~~Time Stamps~~
Intro and Last Week's Video: Wera Stubby, New Joker Wrenches @0:20
Wera Bits @3:00
89mm Length @4:55
Bit Comparison @5:55
-Wera 89mm vs Wiha 50mm vs Wera 25mm
*SURPRISE! Wera T-Handle @6:30
Wera 416R Rapidaptor T-Handle @7:30 $28.25
Why Buy the T-Handle:
-1: All 89mm Bits will Interchange with the new T-Handle
-2: Get a feel for all of Wera's new T-Handles
--Versatility of Rapidaptor T-Handle
Bit Recap and Price Comparison
T-Handle with Felo BIt @12:16
T-Handle with Wiha Terminator @12:48
T-Handle with standard Wera Bit @13:00
#Ballistol Warning @14:45 Do NOT Spill!#
*Turbo Packaging @15:45
-In Hand @17:00
--No Sticker! @17:10 How about a special "Turbo" one? What say you?!
--Turbo Manual @18:20
**German Tool Reviews Testing Wera's 2Go System**
--Quadruplication @19:37
---High Torque Warning @20:00 (Very Important to Understand this Pre-Purchase!)
***Link to Wera's Video to see the Internals in Action***
-In Hand @21:55
-First Impressions and Audible Gear Noise @22:40
-This is as designed, no need for worry
-Rapidaptor @24:30
--89mm Bit Installed @24:50
-#-2 Lasertip End to End with the Turbo @25:18
-Handle Comparison @25:40
-Benchtop Spin Example @26:50
--Second Example @29:30
-Turbo Bit Test @30:17
-Turbo with Power Bit End to End with Laser Tip@31:20
-Turbo Testing @32:30
--Failed Examples: Rocker Sill Screws and Block of Wood
--Successful Testing: Ground Lug @40:57
-Wera Kraftform Plus vs Turbo
--Effortlessly cuts driving time in half
-Zoom In Example @47:00
Final Thoughts @51:18

Founder, Amarillo Area Mopars
Founder, Lone Star Mopars

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