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PostPosted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 1:02 pm 
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Joined: Thu Feb 17, 2011 10:34 am
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Hey, welcome to the revolution!

Are you tired of all the bs and drama on other sites? Lone Star Mopars (LSM) was born to challenge that trend.

Here is how we do it...

First off, registration is FREE...you pay nothing to be a member and we are glad to have you.

Secondly, we are open to any MOPAR from any era. So if you've been getting neglected in your 80s K-car, welcome home. Whether you are rolling in a 69 440+6 Roadrunner or a brand new Challenger R/T, we want you to join us on LSM.

Third, we are laid back. We keep things simple. Drama is something that no one should have to endure on a forum that is representative of one of their hobbies. As long as you don't cuss, make threats, or anything along those lines we are cool.

Fourth, there will not be ads on the forum. If you have ever paid, or felt like paying to have a page load, you have been screwed...royally! Yes, there are costs to run a forum, but not to the point everyone needs to pay, or be punished with so many ads you can't even get to the releveant post. We are here because we genuinely love all things Mopar, we are not out to make any money.

Fifth, there won't be "contributor badges" under your username. If you think it is cool, I will give you a custom title...and it will be free. You can certainly donate money if you feel like it, but we sure don't revolve around money.

Sixth, you can post events. Yes, I said it. If you have ever been chased off another forum for posting events about a "non" forum show, or a links with a map or hotel info etc, I feel for you. We are different...we WANT to know what is going down, where it is happening, how to get there, and all the details. You will never receive a PM from a Mod or an Administrator griping you out for "advertising" your show/event. Again, there are people who are in it for the right reasons, and people in it for the wrong reasons. We are here for all the right reasons, and we want you to enjoy that.

Seventh, you can post your club info. Yes, I said that as well. If you have been PMd and griped out for having a link or mention of your club on another site, fear not. If there is a group of guys that care enough about their Mopars to form a club, we want to know about it. You can link to your site etc. If your club has no forum or means to communicate, we will make one for you on this board. Shocked yet? Welcome to how things should be!

Eighth, you can post pictures and videos and we will not lay claim to the copyrights. If you've ever felt like you couldn't post pics because you feared the forum would take them and sell them for royalties, that is BS; it stops here.

Ninth, instead of taking money from a vendor for ad-space or a forum/topic etc we will do things differently. Sure, we could say, give us $20 and you can advertise on this forum and be done with it. Then we could prevent their competition from advertising here (unless of course they bid $21 right?!). Well, I've been called an idiot before, and based on who it comes from, I usually consider that a compliment.

What LSM will do is work this to OUR advantage. Why would we take $20 when instead we could fight for a DISCOUNT from the vendor to be available to EVERYONE ON THE BOARD? Good question, huh? We plan to use our strenght in numbers and unique stance to get a good deal for everyone. Wouldn't you rather have vendors COMPETING to earn your business by giving you a better deal than have 1 vendor given exclusive rights to advertise? Capitalism my friends, love it or hate it the strong survive and the keen evolve.

This is not only beneficial to us (the members), but the vendors should see more sales as well. And hey, we can shoot for the stars...I don't think we'll get 80% off, but I bet we could do better than 10%. This is a new approach and I think we will all benefit from it!

Tenth, consider this the revolution. We are the real deal. We are honest, hard-working guys and gals who genuinely care about Mopars. We are all into Mopars because we enjoy them. Whether you enjoy cruising, car shows, tearing up the track, or just collecting...you are welcome here.
It seems that the influx of late model Mopars has generated some forums on the web that do not operate under the stance true Mopar people celebrate. We have always been the dark horse and the underdog. We do not need to be alienating people or groups of people for any reason. I have noticed in correspondence with people that many who were not "on forums" prior to their "new Mopar" are unaware of this. They know something doesn't quite seem right, but they can not place it. Join LSM and you won't have any of those problems.

Let me end this on a simple note...LSM is comprised of people just like YOU. We love our Mopars and they play an important part in our life. The more folks we are connected with the better. Each new member brings new stories, cars, parts, and knowledge to the board...that is what we want!

We aim to keep things simple, keep things free, and keep things fun.

We hope that you will join us in the latest uprising of the Mopar Rebellion!


Lone Star Mopars

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