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PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:55 pm 
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Figured I would start throwing up some oldies, but goodies. Here is a Cold Air Install on my 01 Ram Off Road from early summer of last year:

I installed the cold air kit, swapped plugs, and threw in some new wires (they were still good, but I figure after 10 years you just as well replace them).

Couple of issues people might be interested in...(skip to pics if you don't own a 94-01 Magnum powered Ram):

1.) Antisieze. I guess the factory is not a fan? I've never had more trouble getting something so simple to break loose. When you have to use a breaker bar AND pipe to back off a spark plug there are some problems. Maybe if I'd have been on level ground as opposed to 4' in the air balancing on a ladder it would have been easier. The stock plugs looked pretty good all were light brown except for #6 that was a little oily. The gap had only blown out 0.05" at the most.

2.) Throttle Body Clamps. I would like to meet the genius who decided this was a good idea. What is wrong with a stud? They are centrally located, go in and out with no issue, and provide centralized clamping/holding force. The main reason I wanted to ditch the stock air box was to eliminate having to remove the air box (see throttle body clamp) to service the filter. These things are a royal pain and super finicky.

The plugs were stock replacement, should hold up like the previous units.

The plug wires are Taylor Spiro-Pros. They matched closely to the stock wires and were the easiest part of the swap.

The cold air kit is fairly nice, especially for the price. It is the new kit from Spectre. No way in the world is a 4" tube worth $350 for a truc k that is now 9-16 years old. The throttle body hat is nice for the simple reason it does not have to come off to service the filter! That alone is worth the cost of the kit! The downside is, I feel they could have set-it up for a stud (think old school breather) and have had a much better set-up imo. The anti-vibration bushing has to line up with a 1/4" drilled hole in the air box and then mount thru a fork welded to the intake tube. Bad idea. The design would be 10x better if the drilled hole in the air box was also slotted. The way it is currently set-up you have to have the intake tube aligned just right, or you are out-of-luck. Oh and I guess the truck that was prototyped didn't have a transmission dipstick. The clearance is really tight to say the least.

Once installed it is a nice set-up. Again, the main benefit for anyone that services their own Mangum based Ram is simply the fact you have one band clamp that secures the filter to the intake tube...and it is located 12" from the RH fender, not an arms length away when you are standing on the tire and bent over to match the angle of the hood.

All that info aside, here are a few pics:

Cold Air Kit:

Kit with included Red Filter:

Couldn't take it, so I picked up a blue filter:

Finished install:

Plug wires and distributor shot:

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